Comprehensive IT project management

Nowadays, a rapidly evolving world is rapidly developing IT into the right project to develop and change technology.

To meet the expectations, we created a service that satisfied everything that the client could see. Our Project Management members will guide you from A to Z through even the most demanding project. We specialize in ERP and MES implementation projects, as well as software development, where the final product is the implementation on the market in the MVP version.

Our project managers will take care of every phase of the project, preparing from a contract with experienced experience, building a team and determining the right working methods, through software development, implementation and testing. They will take care of the proper preparation of project documentation and reports that are required by the management board.

We carry out projects both in product management methods and in an agile enterprise, and I meet the needs of the customer and the market.

Our ability to operate in the international market allows us to do business from all over the world and with teams all over the world.

Do you have a team that needs a person to lead their project? Based on the design assumptions, we adjust the PM with competences.

What tasks are our Project Managers?

  • Validation of design projects and project legitimacy
  • Adapting the Project Management methodology to the specifics of yourbusiness, product or market
  • Creation of a contract that will aim to create project management technology
  • Preparation of tools that will support software development
  • Gaining team achievement to the project management team
  • Creation of the software development process
  • Support for the development team in delivering the delivery
  • Facilitation of all meeting points
  • Creation of news applying for the work of the development team
  • Managing the iron framework of the project – scope and time – we care about the most effective quality of the project
  • Matching the team composition to the application of project requirements