IT Outsourcing

Are you looking for people to join your team? Developers, Testers, DevOps, Scrum Masters or Project Managers? Or do you need a whole team of people with different skills to start working on your product and accelerate the delivery of value to your business?

No matter what and how many specialists you need, our people will complement your team accordingly. Delegating tasks to our specialists is certainly a great solution to quickly and efficiently expand the costly IT structure inside your company.

Outsourcing for Public Sector

We have experience working with the Austrian Public sector.

Our consultants support many public institutions. We provide experienced Java Developers Requirements Engineers and English and German speakers which is a significant benefit for our customers.

Outsourcing for Startups

When flexibility and time are a matter, We can help you and provide the best IT engineers. We have a big portfolio of Backend and Frontend Developers. Our consultants have significant experience with startups, supporting building and improvements to brand new products. They provide more than code, they provide experience and bring the ideas to making the products better.

Remote work

Remote work, Access to the Best developers, and IT engineers from Central Europe. In our portfolio, we have consultants from Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey

Customers, partners, certificates

Our values


Global networks

Successful match-making are leveraged to ensure we’re always able to help

Specialist consultants

With years of experience across IT and tech sectors, can help you unlock your next move



Keeps us focused on sourcing the best candidates and helping them achieve their career aspirations


Customer and people oriented

We provide high-quality and flexible services, we are looking for long-term cooperation with our employees


Antma IT’s oficces in the World


Recruiting consultants



Unlimited access to the candidate databases

Outsourcing where people and clients are first!

We want to change the meaning of the word outsourcing in IT, this is not only about cost reduction, and resource staffing. this is not only a number in a spreadsheet.

First of all People, we are looking for long-term cooperation with our employees, not only for the dedicated projects. Breaks between projects can be used for improving skills and learning new things. Our employees can choose and have full flexibility where they work.

First of all Clients, for our clients we provide high-quality and flexible services. We are able to provide very-qualify consultants in a very short time. This approach can save time and start cooperation very quickly and finally bring value to clients projects.

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