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We will guide you through the process of transforming your business into an effective project-oriented organization so that you can provide services on time and with greater quality. We achieve this by adapting selected management methodologies or their elements to your organizations specific needs.

Putting experience to work

We specialize in customizing project frameworks, methods, standards, tools, and applying them to your environment and needs. We are well aware that there is no such thing as a single ideal management method, which is why we draw on our experience and best-practices. We are familiar with Prince2, ITIL, Agile LeSS, Agile …

We will assess the risk of change,
you decide on the next move

Recognizing the reasons that drive the desire to change is essential before moving forward with changes to process. Organizations often do not conduct a thorough analysis of the initial state and as a result superficially diagnose the cause of the problems.

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Maturity Assessment

When deciding on change, we start by examining an organization’s level of maturity in Project Management


PM Process Audit

If you think that you already have the right processes and the right people but you are still not hitting



PM System Implementation

We are well aware that there is no such thing as a single ideal management method, which is why




We will show you the tools and techniques which have proven themselves as most valuable, and


People, cooperation and trust above processes and tools.

We believe that even the best thought-out management process or methodology will not fulfill its role nor will it produce tangible results if you don’t put people first and trust them. Offering people freedom in their work and a sense of responsibility for the tasks entrusted to them increases their personal creativity and liberates them to achieve more, compared to a state of rigid guidelines.

Meet our team

Paweł Krzemiński

Paweł Krzemiński

Executive Director

Certified IT Project Manager and AWS Solution Architect. For 11 years in the IT industry. He built his experience going through all the key roles in the software development process i.e. developer, business analyst, team and project manager. He is truly passionate about agile methodologies of conducting projects and organizations. He shares his passion and knowledge as a lecturer during training sessions. In his work he focuses on professionalism, authenticity and searching for new solutions. Each topic starts with a question: Why?

Marcin Skwarek

Marcin Skwarek

General Director

Certified Project Manager, consultant, former software developer. Since 2012 he has been organizing or leading Agile projects in the IT industry and beyond. For several years he has been helping companies to increase their revenue by improving organizational and project agility. He supports business and organizational goals by introducing useful elements of known management methodologies. He focuses on people and their potential. At work he debunks myths and rejects what does not work.

Krzysztof Włodarczyk

Krzysztof Włodarczyk

Financial Director

Certified Project Manager and social activist. He is passionate about Project Management. For 7 years he has been organizing and managing EU projects, and for 3 years he has been managing projects in the IT industry.  Founder of two thriving non-governmental organizations, in which he implements social projects around the world. He gained experience in marketing and automotive industry, to finally find his place in leading agile projects in the IT industry. Constantly looking for organizational improvements. In his everyday duties he focuses on using the best practices from different fields. He is distinguished by creativity and openness to implement innovative solutions. 

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